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VAULT-HIDE SMS, PICS and VIDEOS v3.6.10.22 Full Apk

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos download free

Hides photos, videos and other data

NQ Mobile Vault, is a privacy protection app that hides and secures your confidential photos, videos, SMS messages and call logs. It’s the most popular app of its kind on the market today, used by more than a million users to keep private data safe from prying eyes.

Vault eliminates the privacy risks you face if your phone is stolen or lost by giving you control over what others can see. From unflattering photos to work-related SMS messages, it gives you a safe place to store any data that’s for your eyes only. It even allows you to make the Vault app icon disappear on your phone if you don’t want anyone to know it exists.

Gives you a private place to store your pictures, videos, text messages, and call history: Your data is encrypted and can only be seen in Vault when you enter the correct password.
Makes your private contacts invisible: Add a number to Vault and any calls or messages from this number will only appear in your Vault. They can’t be seen in your phone’s native SMS folder and call logs.
Premium Features
Protects your real Vault by creating one or more “fake” vaults (Premium feature): If someone insists that you give them your password and display your secret messages, you can show them a “fake” vault.
Monitors anyone who’s trying to see your Vault and photographs them in the act (Premium feature): This feature requires an Android 2.3 (or higher) device with a front-facing camera.
Lets you operate in Stealth Mode (Premium feature): This feature hides Vault icon from your apps screen so no one can see it except you. To access Vault, enter ##your password from your phone’s dial pad and hit the “Send” or “Call” button.


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